Valgroubetão Lda

Ready Mix Concrete


Supply Areas

We manufacture and supply Ready Mix Concrete for the areas that surround our headquarters in Atouguia da Baleia, Peniche, namely:

Caldas da Rainha
Torres Vedras

Types of Concrete


Concrete for Floors

Concrete for floorings is a type of concrete, used in the construction of floors. Concrete specially prepared for finishes with mechanical trowel. It is mainly applied to warehouse floors, car parks floors, among others..

Waterproof Concrete

Waterproof concrete is a type of concrete which contains a moisture-preserving additive in order to improve its impermeable qualities. Water-repellent concrete is usually applied to walls, cellars and swimming pools.

Light Concrete

Lightweight concrete is a type of concrete made with lightweight aggregates such as cork, styrofoam, expanded clay, among others. It has a volumetric mass between 900 and 2000 kg / m3. Lightweight concrete is usually applied to fillers (without resistance functions). It can also have a structural function, relieving the structures of its own weight.

Structural concrete

Structural concrete is all concrete applied in structures such as buildings, bridges, viaducts, etc..

Permeable Concrete

Permeable Concrete is a type of concrete with large drainage capacity. Drainage concrete is used mainly in the construction of outdoor floors, such as tennis court floors, sides of highways, among others.

Dosing Concrete

Dosing Concrete is a type of uncontrolled concrete, essentially used on site as cleaning concrete.

Concrete for projecting

Concrete for projecting is a type of concrete designed for application with projecting machines. Projecting concrete has been conceived mainly for the consolidation of surface soils resulting from excavations (slopes, tunnels, walls, etc.).

Coloured Concrete

Coloured Concrete is a type of structural concrete which allows a colorful finish. It is mainly applied to concrete structures that are at sight.


Fiber Concrete

Fiber Concrete is a type of concrete mixed with polypropylene fibers, used mainly in the application of floors, in order to reduce the cracking in the drying phase.